Thursday, August 28, 2008

Review : The G[r]ift

The G[r]ift by Debra Ginsberg. Shaye Areheart Books (2008).

Marina Marks has never believed in the gift she claims to have. She has relied on her honed powers of observation to make her living as a psychic. Suddenly, however, her purported gift becomes real. Debra Ginsberg's The G[r]ift charts the journey of Marina and a handful of her clients over a two year period in which all their lives undergo drastic changes. Ginsberg expertly weaves these threads together and shows how small the world really is, even in a city like San Diego.

Despite their many, many flaws, Ginsberg characters are likable. Their struggles are typical--fertility, adultery, sexuality--and their reactions, however unfortunate, are fairly typical as well. You can identify with them, and it keeps you engaged. As Marina comes closer to discovering her true gift, her clients begin to fall apart, and they all blame Marina. By the time tragedy strikes, anyone could be responsible. Ginsberg keeps the reader guessing throughout the novel. I was constantly wondering what would happen next as several mini-mysteries evolved and resolved throughout the narrative. I thoroughly enjoyed The G[r]ift and recommend it highly to other readers.


  1. I just got this book recently and am looking forward to reading it. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  2. I was so thankful to get this book...I know demand was high. I think you'll like it!

  3. I was curious as to why you called it The G[r]ift, when the book is called The Grift on the cover page, until I opened it up and realized it's The G[r]ift on the inside cover...

  4. Ah, that's the librarian in me...always following the title page. Plus, it really makes sense given the subject of the book and the way it is divided into 2 sections, The Grift and The Gift.