Friday, August 15, 2008

Review : Mass Historia

Mass Historia: 365 Days of Historical Facts and (Mostly) Fictions by Chris Regan. Andrews McMeel Publishing (2008).

Mass Historia is a mix of actual day-by-day history with "funny" fiction thrown in. I'm a fan of The Intellectual Devotional books so I thought this would put a fun spin on the daily learning idea. I was more excited when I received the book and saw the Stephen Colbert endorsement on the front cover. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get into it. Maybe I like my history too much, but I found the fictional parts of each day ridiculous and not very funny. Here's an example for you to judge for yourself:

January 4, 1896 - Welcome, Utah!
On this day in history in 1896, Utah became state number forty-five, which was also the average number of wives enjoyed by most Utah men at the time.

Utah was settled in 1847 by Mormons seeking religious freedom, Leader Brigham Young arrived with a band of 148 pioneers at the Valley of the Great Salt Lake and declared, "This is the place." Most settlers then began setting up tents before he could finish his statement with "...for me to take a whiz," but Young didn't bother correcting anyone because the evening was just beginning and he had twenty wives who were expecting "vacation sex."

A few years later, Young was named governor of the state, but soon Washington, D.C., began to bristle at the flagrant Mormon violations of anti-polygamy laws. (Jealous.) In 1857, President James Buchanan (a lifelong bachelor---REALLY jealous) removed Youn
g from his post and sent the army to the state to maintain order. (The only other time the army was sent to Utah to maintain order was in the 1970s, when a herd of perennially dieting Donnie Osmond groupies rioted in Salt Lake City over the scant availability of Tab soda.)

That's as far as I got in this book--January 4. If you found Chris Regan's take on Utah amusing, please, go get this book and read on. As for me, I'll stick to The Intellectual Devotionals where I'll actually learn something without having to read stupid jokes.

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  1. Yikes, that sounds like an unfortunate one. From the excerpt I can see why you gave up on it!