Monday, September 22, 2008

Review : The Kings of Innocence

The Kings of Innocence by Michael Burns. Tucket Publishing (2007).

The Kings of Innocence is a fine attempt for a first novel. It's the story of three recent college grads and the summer they became adults. Roy, Jay and Mark are childhood friends who come together again for two weeks in the summer of 2002. All three are still hanging onto their carefree college lifestyle--reluctant to move to the next phase of life. Over the course of the novel, these three young men are faced with challenges that force them to act like grown-ups for the first time in their lives.

Michael Burns' first novel is well-written. He has a definite way with words. I also thought the characters were well-drawn. I recognized the traits of each as true. Though each man is very different, I believed that they were a close-knit group. However, the resolution of the novel seemed slightly far-fetched to me. That being said, The Kings of Innocence was an enjoyable read. I think Michael Burns should definitely keep writing and honing his craft. If you like getting in on the ground floor of new talent, give The Kings of Innocence a try.


  1. I reviewed this one too. It was a very good first effort I thought. I bet his next one is good.

  2. I see you have Quintet by Douglas Arthur Brown in your library. Are you by any chance from Canada? Or perhaps you got it from Mini Book Expo. Have you reviewed it or are you going to? I'd like to read it if you have/do. I reviewed it too.

  3. Sandra -

    Quintet is on my TBR pile. I got it from Mini Book Expo. I'm trying to get through the September releases in my pile before going back to books that have already been released.