Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Review : Supreme Courtship

Supreme Courtship by Christopher Buckley. Twelve Books (2008).

Christopher Buckley's Supreme Courtship is a clever satire of the American political landscape. Hilarity quickly ensues as the Senate Judiciary Committee makes a mockery of two Supreme Court nominees, leading the President to turn to a popular TV judge as his next nominee. All the while, Congress is working on a constitutional amendment to limit Presidents to one-term merely out of spite and disdain for the sitting President. What makes Supreme Courtship even funnier (and perhaps a little scary) is how closely our country already treads this line of pop culture and politics. I've heard Barack Obama described as a celebrity on more than one occasion, and Oprah has enough power to rule the world should she so choose. Buckley takes this blurring of lines to the extreme and provides some comic relief from the seriousness of the present. If you follow national politics (or Judge Judy), you'll enjoy Supreme Courtship.

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