Friday, October 17, 2008

Review : Wife in the North

Wife in the North by Judith O'Reilly. PublicAffairs (2008).

Inspired by her blog of the same name, Wife in the North is Judith O'Reilly's diary of her life when she and her family moved camp from London to the Northumberland countryside. A true city girl, Judith finds it difficult to adapt to life in the country. This book charts her rollercoaster of emotions as she cares for her two, then three, children (she's pregnant at the outset of the book) all while her husband is largely absent. He's working in London where she wants to be while she's stuck in Northumberland where he wants to be.

Wife in the North has some sweet and touching moments courtesy of the children. They and Judith also provide some comic relieft throughout. However, there are long stretches where it is mostly sad and sometimes uncomfortable as Judith continues to struggle. I found myself wishing not quite halfway through that she would get to move back to London or, what seemed far less likely, fall in love with Northumberland and be truly happy there...and in a hurry. I'll let you read for yourself to see how it all pans out.

If you enjoy memoirs in a diary format, stories of fish out of water, or can commiserate with being the at-home mother of three young children, go ahead and give Wife in the North a try.

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  1. We've moved fairly frequently with my husband's job. There's always an adjustment period, some longer than others. I've learned to jump in with both feet and make the most of it!