Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review : The Collectors

The Collectors by David Baldacci. Warner Books, 2006.

The Collectors is the second book in the Camel Club series. The mystery involves the selling of U.S. secrets; and the Camel Club becomes involved following the mysterious death of Caleb Shaw's supervisor in the Library of Congress' Rare Books Division. The increased focus on Caleb Shaw and Milton Farb, the less danger savvy members of the club, made for some amusing moments. Their eccentricities had me laughing out loud at times. This sense of humor plus the element of bibliomystery made for a very enjoyable read. The Collectors also introduces a new character to the Club, con artist Annabelle Conroy. A good portion of the book follows her in a separate, though enjoyable, storyline, and I found myself wondering what the connection could be. If you have the same feeling, don't worry. The connection will reveal itself, and it's a good one. In my estimation, The Collectors meets and exceeds the expectations set by the first book in the series.

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