Friday, August 27, 2010

Review : Stone Cold

Stone Cold by David Baldacci. Grand Central Publishing, 2007.

There is so much I can't say about this book for fear of giving too much away! Suffice it to say, Stone Cold picks up right where The Collectors left off. Oliver Stone, the leader of the Camel Club, is determined to help con artist Annabelle Conroy out of a jam. Unfortunately, he finds himself in a dangerous predicament of his own, making things far more complicated.

At its core, Stone Cold is a story of revenge. While all the Camel Club books have a theme of seeking justice, the events that unfold in Stone Cold are even more personal and require a large measure of personal sacrifice in order to exact revenge - no matter how well deserved that revenge is. Through it all, you will laugh, gasp and maybe even cry.

I was turned on to the Camel Club two years ago by an advance reading copy of Divine Justice, the fourth book in the series. I hadn't planned to reread it, but it has taken me so long to get back to the series that I don't remember what happens. The books of the Camel Club series flow one into the next making it difficult to stop yourself from picking up the next one. I just started Divine Justice last night, but don't plan to review it again. My 2008 review is here.

The next installment of the Camel Club series, Hell's Corner, is due for publication on November 9, 2010. I can't wait to read what happens next!

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