Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review : Color Blind

Color Blind by Jonathan Santlofer. William Morrow, 2004.

The second book in the Kate McKinnon series follows our heroine as she tracks another serial killer. This one leaves paintings behind at the scene of the crime rather than modeling his actual crimes on them. Kate thinks they are the product of an outsider artist and takes forever to figure out the guy is just color blind. Admittedly, Kate also has a lot going on personally for a reason I can't reveal in a review and which, to be blunt, made me angry.

Just as in The Death Artist, Kate must unravel the mystery before she becomes the murderer's next victim. And just as with The Death Artist, the concept of tying art into the story of a crime is intriguing but the execution falls short. Santlofer's McKinnon series seems somehow contrived. Yet in spite of this, I kept right on reading. Maybe I wanted a resolution to my frustration. Maybe I wanted to see if Kate would ever pick up the pace in interpreting the clues. Maybe I was just thinking about the fact that the third book in the series was sitting there waiting for me. I'm not quite sure, but I did keep reading.

The bottom line is much the same. This isn't a series I would put at the top of your reading list, but feel free to give it a whirl if it happens across your path. Perhaps you'll find I've been too harsh. Unfortunately, I've read far too many well-constructed and smart mysteries lately to cut Kate McKinnon much slack.

If you missed my review of the first book in the series, The Death Artist, you can find it here.

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