Wednesday, October 13, 2010

55 quirky questions for readers : part 4

Lydia at The Literary Lollipop created a questionnaire of 55 quirky questions for readers, and I thought it would be fun to share my answers here. I'm breaking it down into more manageable chunks, so here are questions 31-40.

Miss some of my earlier answers?

31. How do you feel about giving bad/negative reviews? If I don't think a book deserves a good review, then I'm fine with writing a negative one. I'm sometimes a little nervous about saying really awful things, but haven't had any repercussions yet.

32. If you could read in a foreign language, what language would you choose? French. I took years of French, but am so rusty now that I can't read a novel anymore. There are some great French authors that I'd love to read in their original language.

33. Most intimidating book you've read: The Inferno by Dante Alighieri or The Odyssey by Homer - both for class long ago

34. Most intimidating book you're too nervous to begin: I've always thought I should read something by James Joyce, but haven't done it yet.

35. Favorite poet: How about a couple of my favorite poems instead? She Walks in Beauty by Lord Byron and Harlem by Langston Hughes

36. How many books do you usually have checked out of the library at any given time? I generally have a ton of work-related books checked out, but usually have one or two, if any, checked out for personal reading.

37. How often do you return books to the library unread? Occasionally.

38. Favorite fictional character: I think my answer to this is in constant flux. At the moment, I have to say Cotton Malone from the series by Steve Berry. As I've previously posted, I'm dying to read the next installment in the series!

39. Favorite fictional villian: I have to go with The Literary Lollipop on this one and say Dexter.

40. Books I'm most likely to bring on vacation: mass market mysteries / thrillers


  1. I have been contemplating reading The Inferno for a while now...your post has caused me to check it out from the library...wish me luck :)

  2. Good luck!!! I actually remember enjoying it.