Thursday, October 28, 2010

Readalong : The Princess Bride : Week four

The Princess Bride readalong is hosted by Chrisbookarama. To read Chris' week four post, click here. The reading assignment for week four was Parts Seven and Eight. I think this story is well-known enough that spoilers aren't really an issue, but if you're worried, you might want to skip my posts on this readalong.

Parts Seven and Eight are where all the real action is.

In Part Seven, Fezzik and Inigo make it through the Zoo of Death thanks to their special skills, strength and steel, only to find the man in black dead. Luckily for them, there is still one miracle man left in Florin. After much wrangling, Miracle Max agrees to make them a resurrection pill. Fezzik and Inigo then set out for the castle with Westley's body in tow. Once there, they give him the pill, and it has an instant effect. Thanks to Fezzik's intimidating size and Westley's quick mind they gain access to the castle.

In Part Eight, Inigo finally gets his man and Westley gets his woman. Fezzik is temporarily lost, but comes through in the end leading four white horses to carry them off. The band of four escapes the castle grounds and rides toward Florin Channel.

Goldman reinserts himself in the final two pages to discuss the ending with us. His father ended it on a truly fairy tale note, which in all honesty I prefer to the uncertain ending of Morgenstern. (Okay, I'm writing this as if the whole premise of the story is real. I know it isn't, but I don't know how else to describe it without making it unnecessarily complicate. Uh oh, now I'm doing it too...) Despite the uncertain ending, I'm happy to say they must escape because my edition contains the sequel, Buttercup's Baby.

I have really enjoyed reading The Princess Bride. It is a delightful tale of adventure and true love. The creation of S. Morgenstern and Goldman's childhood love of the story is ingenious. It adds a layer of depth to the story and the opportunity to inject more humor into the telling. If you haven't read The Princess Bride, you really should--really, really should.

Time for me to go re-watch the movie!

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  1. I'm glad I read it too. Now I need to rewatch the movie!

  2. I didn't like this as much as I thought I would. But it was interesting anyway. I haven't watched the movie so that will probably be (more) fun.