Saturday, October 9, 2010

Readalong : The Princess Bride : Week one

The Princess Bride readalong is hosted by Chrisbookarama. To see Chris' week one post, click here. Week one's reading assignment was the Introduction and Parts One through Four.

I'm hooked. Seriously, I think William Goldman had me from the opening line of the Introduction.

"This is my favorite book in all the world, though I have never read it."

According to the Introduction, Goldman's father read The Princess Bride to him when he was sick as a child just as Peter Falk reads to Fred Savage in the opening scene of the movie. For his son's tenth birthday, Goldman tracks down a copy of the book as a present. It's only then that he realizes his father only read him "the good parts" and decides to create an abridged version that his son will enjoy. Unfortunately, as much as I want to believe this story, it is all a narrative device created by the author. There is no S. Morgenstern! How devastating. I feel so disillusioned.

However, the pretense of creating an abridged adventure story from a long-winded political satire works. It enhances the quirky, humorous writing style that makes me love The Princess Bride. It's hard to keep from smiling the entire time I'm reading. Except, of course, when reading about the disgusting Prince Humperdinck. The first four parts serve primarily as an introduction to the characters. The next part should get to the real meat of the story. Not that the first four parts aren't enjoyable, because they are.

If you aren't already participating in this readalong, I encourage you to jump on in. The week one reading goes quickly so you can catch up easily. In the meantime, I'm on to Part Five.

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  1. I can't help but smile throughout it too! Glad you're enjoying it.