Thursday, October 21, 2010

Readalong : The Princess Bride : Week three

The Princess Bride readalong is hosted by Chrisbookarama. To see Chris' week three post, click here. Week three's reading assignment was Part Six. I think this story is well-known enough that spoilers aren't really an issue, but if you're worried, you might want to skip my posts on this readalong.

Count Rugen is a sadist. He has made a scientific study of pain. The Count's theory is that anticipation heightens pain, and Westley becomes his test subject.

Part Six is all about the pain of anticipation.

Westley is trapped in the Zoo of Death. Buttercup realizes the depth of her love and prays Westley will come back for her. Prince Humperdinck plots the war against Guilder he plans to launch after his wedding. Inigo seeks the man in black to help him succeed in his lifelong quest to avenge his father. The reader helplessly waits for good to triumph over evil.

Inigo is the only one to receive a glimmer of hope in Part Six. Fezzik and Inigo are reunited and track the man in black (They don't know he is Westley yet.) to the Zoo of Death. The tension mounts as you reach the end of the section and Fezzik and Inigo approach the entrance unaware that the man in black is already dead. Will they survive the Zoo of Death? What will happen when they find Westley's body? Will good really triumph over evil?

The pain of anticipation continues...

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  1. There is definitely a lot of waiting in this section. Waiting to see the heroes overcome the obstacles, and waiting for the wedding.