Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Readalong : A Christmas Carol : Staves IV & V

I'm participating in The Lost Entwife's December readalong of A Christmas Carol. The reading assignment for December 15-21 was to read Staves IV and V, which brings us to the end of the story. I'm reading from the 2006 Oxford University Press e-book titled A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Books.

I'm assuming everyone is pretty familiar with this story, so I'm not being cautious about spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

The final spirit, the Ghost of Christmas Future, comes to Scrooge in Stave IV. Scrooge has already absorbed the lessons brought to him by the Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present, but seeing his possible future really rattles Scrooge. The Ghost of Christmas Future never speaks, which makes his message all the more menacing. Scrooge knows he must make a change in his life if he and those he affects are to avoid sad fates.

The sadness of Stave IV makes Scrooge's conversion in Stave V all the more heartwarming. I was expecting Scrooge to visit the Cratchit family on Christmas, but he doesn't. Instead he sends them a huge turkey and goes to spend Christmas with his own nephew. Cratchit doesn't learn of the change in his employer until the following morning. I smiled to think of the look of shock on Bob's face when he realizes the difference.

Dickens' A Christmas Carol instructs us all on the importance of being good and giving people. Goodwill towards men is not just a Christmas time catchphrase. It is something we should all practice all year round. I'm so glad I participated in this readalong as it has really put me in the true Christmas spirit. If you have a little time over the holidays, give it a read and be filled with the glow of Christmas.

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  1. Loved reading your thoughts. I agree, this story really helped set the mood for the holiday season and gave me a nice nudge toward thinking this way year round.

    Thank you for participating!