Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reading challenge : Edgar Awards

image courtesy of Jeff Babbitt
I'm a mystery lover. It's practically all I read growing up. Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden and the author Phyllis A. Whitney were among my favorites. This is the reason I was shocked when I looked through the list of Edgar Award Winners for Best Novel. I haven't read any of them...ZERO! How can this be? At that moment, I decided I had to remedy the situation.

That's why I've set myself a challenge for 2011. I'm going to read all of the Best Novel winners since the year of my birth. This is the first challenge I've designed myself, so I'd love for you to join me. Below are the answers to some questions you might have before signing up.

What books are eligible for the Edgar Awards Reading Challenge?
Any Edgar Award winning books counts. Check out the possibilities here. Click on the banner at the top to access the database.

Do I have to choose what books to read before I sign up?
No, you can choose as you go.

What are the levels of participation?
Patrolman = 1-3 books
Sergeant = 4-6 books
Detective = 7-9 books
Lieutenant = 10+ books

If you achieve your goal, you'll be eligible to win a prize at the end of the challenge.

What are the dates of the challenge?
January 1, 2001 through December 31, 2011

When can I sign up to participate?
Feel free to enter anytime during the course of the year.

How do I sign up?
If you are interested in joining me...
  • grab the button code below for your blog,
  • enter your link in the Mr. Linky below,
  • and leave a comment telling me your participation level.
If you don't have a blog of your own, just leave me a comment to let me know you're participating and at what level.

original image courtesy of Jeff Babbitt

In addition to posting reviews of what I read, I'll periodically post updates and let you leave links to your posts. The first update will be on January 19 - Edgar Allan Poe's birthday!

Check out the Edgar Awards Reading Challenge page for my reading list and a list of participants.

The original image used to create the Edgar Awards Reading Challenge button is courtesy of Jeff Babbitt under a Creative Commons license.


  1. I do not have a blog (yet), but am going to participate. I'm going to shoot for the Lieutenant level.

  2. I am shooting for patrolman but am hoping to read more. Thanks!

  3. I'm going for lieutenant! I have a goal for next year to only read books I've never read before, so this will certainly help!

  4. I'm going to go for sergeant! Thanks for a great challenge!

  5. I'm joining in on the sergeant level. I can't wait to get started!

  6. I'm only committing myself to the Patrolman level at the moment. I may read more. I'm a pretty fast reader.

  7. This sounds like fun. Count me in among the Sergeants.

  8. I'm in at the Detective level.

  9. I signed up for a bunch of challenges this year so I'm going to stick to the Patrolman level.

  10. You may count me amongst your sergeants. Detectives, maybe, if I'm lucky, but probably sergeants.

  11. Normally I would aim really high, and go for Lieutenant, but I've actually read at least five of the Edgar Award winners in the past couple or so years (the two James Lee Burke novels, the two John Hart novels, and BLUE HEAVEN by CJ Box), which will make things a little harder (unless I re-read and review them, I guess), numbers-wise. So I think I will aim for Sergeant to start with, and go from there.

    A question - do Edgar winners from other categories also count (e.g Best First Novel, etc)?

  12. I completed the Patrolman Level (barely). Here's the post with links to the books I read: