Monday, December 27, 2010

Review : The Distant Hours

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton. Atria Books, 2010. (published November 9)

[Source : Simon & Schuster]

"This book was amazing!" Those are the first words I uttered after reading the final sentence of The Distant Hours. I woke up that night and immediately began thinking about it again. I kept trying to work out an alternate ending, an alternate path for the Sisters Blythe, before coming to the conclusion that there was no alternative. The story is exactly as it had to be.

The Distant Hours is narrated by Edie Burchill as she attempts to unravel two related mysteries. The first is the story of her mother's life. Edie is shocked to learn that her mother was evacuated from London to Milderhurst Castle during World War II. This, of course, leads her to the second mystery that revolves around the three Blythe sisters who still live in Milderhurst Castle fifty years later. Interspersed with the present day tale are sections set during the war told from the varying viewpoints of the sisters. The past informs the present and fills the gaps that Edie is unable to fill on her own.

Morton brings together these strands perfectly creating an extremely satisfying sense of completion. Everything is connected. Everything comes full circle. Everything is completely believable. The end is stunning. I highly recommend The Distant Hours to any reader. There are elements of mystery, history, romance, and family. There is something for everyone, and I'm sure you'll be delighted.

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  1. I think this is my first time to comment here as I am a new follower :) I'm so glad to see a good review of this one! I have a request for it at my local library and am not-so-patiently waiting for my chance to read it.