Monday, January 24, 2011

Readalong : The Black Dahlia : Week three

I'm participating in The Lost Entwife's January readalong of The Black Dahlia. The reading assignment for January 17-23 was to read Chapters 20-29. I'm reading from the 1987 Mysterious Press edition.

I'll try not to give away too much of the story, but you may find some spoilers in my readalong posts.

This week's reading begins the dismantling of the investigation. While many officers are sent back to their normal departments, Bleichert remains on the case. Despite continuing leads and a clearer picture of the Dahlia's last days, the team is still unable to solve the case. Bleichert is also plagued by the added mystery of Blanchard's disappearance.

Part II ends on a hopeful note, which I kind of wish had been the end of the book. Part III is basically about Bucky starting to unravel. His personal life is in shambles, and his professional life isn't much better. Why keep going? The story of the Black Dahlia seems over. Why do I need to know about how depressingly Bucky's life plays out afterwards? Maybe Part IV will give me a good reason.

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