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Review : The Tapestry of Love

The Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton. Headline Review, 2010.

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Catherine Parkstone is a 40-something, English divorcee whose children have flown the nest. Determined to chart a new course for herself, Catherine sells her house outside London and buys another in the south of France. The reader meets her as she drives through a flock of sheep on her way to her new home immediately setting the stage for Catherine's new rural life.

The reader witnesses Catherine becoming a part of this small, tight-knit French community. Her neighbors form a charming cast of characters and so do her family. Catherine's children and sister are introduced along the way through phone calls and visits. I particularly liked her irrepressible daughter, Lexie. I smiled along with Catherine each time she entered the story.

Catherine's new life has its ups and downs of course. There is the French bureaucracy to contend with in her attempts to set up a business. There is sorrow and loss. There is loneliness. There is the mysterious neighbor, Patrick Castagnol. All in all, this is a charming story of a woman on a mission to build a life of her own. A quote from the Guardian on the back cover really says it all. Thornton "is skilled at drawing out the poignancy of ordinary life."

I happen to enjoy stories of people uprooting their lives to start anew in foreign places. I'm always a bit awed by the courage it takes to do such a thing. The fabulous setting of France is also a plus in my book. If you enjoy this sort of story, I'm sure you'll enjoy The Tapestry of Love.

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  1. I like stories of new beginnings too and this one sounds charming.