Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review : Bent Road

Bent Road by Lori Roy. Dutton, 2011. (Published March 31, 2011)

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Arthur Scott left his Kansas home as a young man after the death of his sister Eve, an event about which he never speaks. Driven out by the racial tensions of late 1960s Detroit, the Scotts are returning to the Kansas Arthur escaped. The secret of what really happened to Eve hangs around the family. When a young girl goes missing, the family is thrown into turmoil as memories and suspicions surround them. Celia, Arthur’s wife, has a hard time adjusting to Kansas and a family dynamic she can’t seem to crack. Her two youngest children also find Kansas difficult. Life doesn’t change the way they had hoped it would. Bent Road is a story of how secrets can both unite and divide a family and the evolution that can occur when a family recognizes that fact.

I was drawn into Lori Roy’s story within sentences. I could immediately envision what she described. Her writing has a painterly quality to it, which makes it beautiful and haunting. There is nothing prosaic about her style. You will feel as if you know the characters and the landscape that she portrays. Though the true story behind Eve’s death is contemplated throughout the novel, I didn’t know what that truth was until it unfolded before my eyes. Lori Roy’s Bent Road is a truly masterful novel. I'll be keeping an eye on Lori Roy's career after this powerful debut. I highly recommend Bent Road to any reader.

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  1. Ooh, I love books that center around secrets. This sounds so good.