Monday, June 6, 2011

Publisher spotlight : Mulholland Books

It's Mulholland Books week here at Reader for Life! I've read this new imprint's first three books and will be posting reviews this week. Today I thought I'd provide a little background.

Mulholland Books is a new imprint from Little, Brown and Company focusing on suspense fiction. It takes its name from the famous Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills, which is full of twists and turns and has inspired a number of novels and films including David Lynch's film of the same name. The imprint launched this spring with Guilt by Association by Marcia Clark.

According to the June 15, 2010, press release:
The goal of Mulholland Books is simple: to publish books you can’t stop reading. The promise of a Mulholland Book—whether a crime novel, thriller, police procedural, spy story, or even supernatural suspense—is that you’ll read it leaning forward, hungry for the next word. With a focus on online community building, internet marketing, and authentic connections among authors, readers, and publisher, Mulholland Books will be at the center of a web of suspense—unexpected, fresh, and with a 21st-century approach to publishing. Meet Mulholland: You never know what’s coming around the curve.
Based on the three titles I've read so far, I'd say Mulholland Books is headed in the right direction.

This week's review schedule:
Tuesday: Guilt by Association (link to review)
Wednesday: The Bayou Trilogy (link to review)
Thursday: A Drop of the Hard Stuff (link to review)

FTC: I have no vested interest in Mulholland Books (see also Review policy).

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  1. I agree! Mulholland is an exciting new imprint!!