Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reading challenge : Nick Hornby : Update four

As you know, I've challenged myself to read/re-read all of Nick Hornby's novels this year. I didn't read one in April, but am getting ready to start A Long Way Down, which I've read before. I'm looking forward to re-reading it and seeing how it fits into the evolution of Hornby's writing that I noticed when reading How to Be Good.

As a refresher, so far this year I've read:

High Fidelity
About a Boy
How to Be Good

I only have Hornby's young adult novel Slam and his most recent Juliet, Naked to go after A Long Way Down! Then I get to jump into his non-fiction and shorter fiction works.

Though this isn't a formal challenge, I'd love to see your Nick Hornby reviews. Feel free to link your reviews of any the Hornby books I've read so far in the Mr. Linky below!


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