Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review : A Hard Death

A Hard Death by Jonathan Hayes. Harper, 2011. (Published April 12)

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A Hard Death is the second in Jonathan Hayes’ Edward Jenner series. Having read the first, Precious Blood, is not a prerequisite for reading A Hard Death. I had no problem following the story without previous knowledge of Dr. Jenner. I will admit though, I’m curious to read the Precious Blood to learn all the details of how Jenner came to be where he is in A Hard Death.

Dr. Edward Jenner, a criminal pathologist, has left New York and found temporary work in Florida while his mentor, Doc Roburn, is away on vacation. As the bodies start piling up, Jenner is quickly drawn into a deadly game involving corrupt cops and cold-blooded drug dealers.

The main storyline involves drug trafficking, but there is a disturbing side story that plays into the main plot. I understand the need for it in order to tie everything together, but I really could have done without it. This is the second book of late that has left me slightly nauseated in the end. Not my favorite feeling. That being said, the book was good overall. I enjoyed the mystery and kept reading even when I knew I wasn’t going to like parts of it.

I don’t want to ruin anything, but feel I have to warn you. If you are squeamish about [highlight to reveal] child abuse, you may want to leave this one on the shelf.

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  1. That's not my favorite topic to read about, but I'd rather read it than listen to it or see it.