Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Review : The Ridge

The Ridge by Michael Koryta. Little, Brown, 2011.

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There are so many many seemingly disparate elements in The Ridge that it could easily turn into a disjointed train wreck of a novel. Michael Koryta is much better than that though. He manages to weave together exotic cats, a mysterious lighthouse, and the failure of a small town newspaper into a compelling ghost story with ease.

Deputy sheriff Kevin Kimble and newspaper man Roy Darmus are both contacted by Wyatt French, the town drunk and keeper of a lighthouse in the middle of the woods. French seems to ramble crazily and speaks of death and suicide to both men. Darmus is so unsettled by his conversation with French that he drives out to the lighthouse to check on him. There he finds French’s body and the beginnings of a strange and mysterious story.

He and Kimble work together to put together the pieces gathered by French. At the same time, an exotic cat rescue facility opens across from the lighthouse. The cats are uncomfortable in their new environment, and Kimble is soon dealing with problems on that front too. The truth of Blade Ridge and the happenings at the rescue center are parallel tracks that soon come crashing together in an amazing finish.

When I read The Cypress House, I was sure it was going to be my favorite of Koryta’s three supernatural tales. However, The Ridge somehow grabbed me even more than The Cypress House. Koryta continues to best himself with each novel he turns out and has definitely put himself on my list of must-read authors. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

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