Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review : The Taint of Midas

The Taint of Midas by Anne Zouroudi. Reagan Arthur/Little, Brown, 2011.

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The Taint of Midas is the second installment in Zouroudi’s Greek Detective series. Hermes Diaktoros finds an old friend’s body at the side of the road following a hit and run accident. The police quickly suspect him of being responsible, but Daiktoros is not deterred from searching for the true culprit and encounters a family driven by greed along the way.

This novel is both similar and different from the first in the series. There are still descriptive passages that do little to move the narrative forward, but are also so beautifully written that I felt myself sucked into them anyway. You can see the Greek countryside Zouroudi describes come to life in front of you. Unlike The Messenger of Athens, there are no flashbacks to the life of the victim. Diaktoros is clearly front and center as the main character. Interestingly, I found myself liking both techniques. It was nice to see Diaktoros develop more as a character, but I didn’t prefer the structure of Midas over Athens.

Zouroudi’s series definitely started to grow on me. The Taint of Midas ARC I read includes the Seven Deadly Sins series title on its cover. I’m interested to see what Zouroudi comes up with to cover all the sins should she continue the theme. Lust and greed, the sins covered so far, seem far easier to construct a mystery around than some of the others -- gluttony, for instance. Anyway, next up is envy in The Doctor of Thessaly. It’s definitely going on my TBR list.

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