Monday, October 24, 2011

Review : The End of Everything

The End of Everything by Megan Abbott. Reagan Arthur Books, 2011.

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Lizzie Hood and Evie Verver are thirteen-year old best friends and next door neighbors. On afternoon, Evie disappears and Lizzie appears to be the last to have seen her. While trying to assist with the official investigation, Lizzie also sets out on her own secret mission to find the truth. Was Evie kidnapped? Did she run away? Will she ever come back?

The End of Everything carries an intensity of emotion and need from which it’s impossible to tear yourself away. Lizzie’s life will clearly never be the same once Evie disappears, but even more frightening is the thought of what Evie’s life is like. The horrible possibilities floating around Evie’s disappearance lend a melancholy and poignant air to the novel. Even as I found it difficult to put this book down, I also felt a sense of revulsion and horror at the implications and truths uncovered. The End of Everything is clearly a gripping novel, but be prepared for some pretty unsavory moments.

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  1. Parts of this were hard to handle, but I loved the book!

  2. @bermudaonion

    Oh, I really enjoyed it too! Just want to give readers fair warning. :)