Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reading challenge : Nick Hornby : Update six

I think I'm making great progress on my personal Nick Hornby Reading Challenge! Since my last update, I've posted reviews of A Long Way Down and Slam. I also read Otherwise Pandemonium, which includes two short stories - "Otherwise Pandemonium" and "Not a Star." Initially, I didn't realize "Not a Star" was included here. The fact that it is knocks another item off my reading list - the standalone publication of the same story.

That leaves me with the following left on my Hornby TBR list.

Click (one novel with ten authors)
Lonely Avenue (lyrics and short stories)

I'll definitely get through Juliet, Naked and hope to fit in the short stories around other books. I fear I may not be able to fit in Click, but will do my best to complete this challenge.

Feel free to leave links to your own Nick Hornby reviews as a comment on this post.

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