Review policy

I'm happy to review books and welcome email solicitations from publishers, publicists and authors. However, this policy is designed to give you an idea of what I'm likely to accept for review.

Preferred genres:
Mysteries / Suspense Fiction
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction
Contemporary Fiction
Travel Writing
Non-Fiction on a variety of topics

Genres I rarely, if ever, review:
Christian Fiction / Non-Fiction
Horror Fiction
Science Fiction / Fantasy
Science or Political Non-Fiction
Children's / Young Adult Fiction

I rarely accept self-published books of any genre.

I will accept finished copies or ARCs for review. I now also accept e-books.

Posting reviews:
I will try to post my review close to the publication date of the book, but delays may occur. Receiving a book well in advance of publication will increase the likelihood of a well-timed review. My reviews are typically short. I do not reveal key plot points or give a lengthy synopsis. I give my impressions of the book and provide information I think will help my readers decide whether or not to read the book themselves. If I do not like a book or cannot finish a book, my review will reflect that. I will acknowledge where I received the book in my review.

Using my reviews:
If you would like to quote my review somewhere, please contact me prior to doing so. I am generally happy to be quoted, but do want to know where quotes will appear.

I am happy to host giveaways on behalf of publishers. I prefer to have giveaways sent directly to winners by the publisher to avoid paying shipping costs.

I sometimes receive free review copies from publishers, publicists, authors and other sources. My reviews will note the source of the book reviewed. The source of the book does not impact my review. I receive no compensation for reviews. Additionally, I provide links to purchase from Powell's and Amazon in most posts. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I will receive a small commission.

Contact me:
Please feel free to contact me at iubookgirl [at] gmail [dot] com with questions or possible books for review.

About me:
The woman behind iubookgirl is Tina Baich. I'm a thirty-something book lover living in the Midwest. In real life, I'm an academic librarian, which, despite any preconceived notions you may have about librarians, does NOT mean I get to read all day. If only...