Reviews by Author

Abbott, Megan. The End of Everything

Baldacci, David. The Camel Club
Baldacci, David. The Collectors
Baldacci, David. Divine Justice
Baldacci, David. Hell's Corner
Baldacci, David. Stone Cold
Barry, Brunonia. The Lace Reader
Bayer, William. Peregrine
Bennett, Alan. The Uncommon Reader
Berry, Steve. The Charlemagne Pursuit
Berry, Steve. The Emperor's Tomb
Berry, Steve. The Jefferson Key
Block, Lawrence. A Drop of the Hard Stuff
Blunt, Giles. No Such Creature
Bond, Victoria, and T. R. Simon. Zora and Me
Bourdain, Anthony. Kitchen Confidential (Occasional Reader)
Boyer, Rick. Billingsgate Shoal
Brown, Eleanor. The Weird Sisters
Buckley, Christopher. Supreme Courtship
Burns, Michael. The Kings of Innocence

Carré, John le. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
Charney, Noah. Stealing the Mystic Lamb
Clark, Marcia. Guilt by Association
Cohen, Paula Marantz. What Alice Knew
Colin, Beatrice. The Glimmer Palace
Conlon, Edward. Red on Red
Conrad, Jessamyn. What You Should Know About Politics...But Don't
Conroy, Pat. My Reading Life
Cosse, Laurence. A Novel Bookstore
Cowell, Alan S. The Terminal Spy
Cumming, Charles. The Trinity Six

Davidson, Andrew. The Gargoyle
Dee, Jonathan. The Privileges
Dickinson, Amy. Mighty Queens of Freeville (Occasional Reader)
Dietrich, William. Blood of the Reich
Dolnick, Edward. The Forger's Spell
DuMaurier, Daphne. Frenchman's Creek
Dunn, Matthew. Spycatcher

Ebershoff, David. The 19th Wife
Elkins, Aaron. Old Bones
Elwork, Paul. The Girl Who Would Speak for the Dead
Eriksson, Kjell. The Hand that Trembles
Evans, Justin. The White Devil

Fallon, Siobhan. You Know When the Men Are Gone
Follett, Ken. Eye of the Needle
Francis, Dick. Whip Hand
Franklin, Tom. Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter

Garner, Joe. We Interrupt This Broadcast
Ginsberg, Debra. The G[r]ift
Goldstone, Lawrence. The Anatomy of Deception

Hallahan, William H. Catch Me: Kill Me
Hayes, Jonathan. A Hard Death
Higashino, Keigo. The Devotion of Suspect X
Hill, Reginald. The Woodcutter
Hornby, Nick. About a Boy
Hornby, Nick. High Fidelity
Hornby, Nick. How to Be Good
Hornby, Nick. A Long Way Down
Hornby, Nick. Slam

Ishiguro, Kazuo. Never Let Me Go


Kent, Kathleen. The Heretic's Daughter
Kneale, Matthew. When We Were Romans
Koplan, Gerald. Etta
Koryta, Michael. The Cypress House
Koryta, Michael. The Ridge
Koryta, Michael. So Cold the River

Larson, Erik. The Devil in the White City
Larson, Erik. Isaac's Storm
Larsson, Stieg. The Girl trilogy
Lawrenson, Deborah. The Lantern
Lehane, Dennis. Gone, Baby, Gone
Lehane, Dennis. Moonlight Mile
Leonard, Elmore. Djibouti
Leonard, Elmore. LaBrava
Lopez, Lorraine. The Gifted Gabaldon Sisters
Lowry, Elizabeth. The Bellini Madonna
Lukas, Michael David. The Oracle of Stamboul

Malcolm. M.L. Heart of Deception
Malcolm, M.L. Heart of Lies
Maling, Arthur. The Rheingold Route
Marcel, Glenn P. Chasing Elvis
McFadden, Maryann. The Richest Season
Meltzer, Brad. The Book of Lies
Miller, Matthew M.F. Maybe Baby
Mina, Denise. The End of the Wasp Season
Mina, Denise. Still Midnight
Moerk, Christian. Darling Jim
Morrow, Bradford. The Uninnocent
Morton, Kate. The Distant Hours
Mosse, Kate. The Winter Ghosts
Murphy, Richard. Confessions of a Contractor

Newmark, Elle. The Sandalwood Tree
Nicholls, David. One Day
Niffenegger, Audrey. The Night Bookmobile

O'Reilly, Judith. Wife in the North
Orion, Doreen. Queen of the Road

Palmer, Daniel. Delirious
Patterson, James. Cross Country
Pittard, Hannah.The Fates Will Find Their Way


Rankin, Ian. Exit Music
Regan, Chris. Mass Historia
Rinella, Steven. American Buffalo
Ritter, Todd. Death Notice
Robertson, Paul. According to Their Deeds
Robotham, Michael. The Wreckage
Roose, Kevin. An Unlikely Disciple
Roslund, Anders and Borge Hellstrom. Three Seconds
Rowell, Rainbow. Attachments
Roy, Lori. Bent Road
Rubenfeld, Jed. The Death Instinct

Sagal, Peter. The Book of Vice
Salisbury, Laney and Aly Sujo. Provenance
Sankovitch, Nina. Tolstoy and the Purple Chair
Santlofer, Jonathan. Color Blind
Santlofer, Jonathan. The Death Artist
Schmidt, Shannon McKenna. Novel Destinations
Schwartz, Christina. So Long at the Fair
Shreve, Anita. Testimony
Selinko, Annemarie. Désirée: The Bestselling Story of Napoleon's First Love
Shapiro, Elena Mauli. 13, rue Therese
Smith, Tom Rob. Child 44
Summerscale, Kate. The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher
Swierczynski, Duane. Fun & Games
Swierczynski, Duane. Hell & Gone

Taylor, Andrew. The Anatomy of Ghosts
Thomas, Ross. Briarpatch
Thornton, Rosy. The Tapestry of Love
Tinti, Hannah. The Good Thief


Various. L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories
Vowell, Sarah. The Wordy Shipmates

Westerson, Jeri. Veil of Lies
Wood, Brett. Nineteenth Street, N.W.
Woodrell, Daniel. The Bayou Trilogy
Wright, L. R. The Suspect



Zouroudi, Anne. The Messenger of Athens
Zouroudi, Anne. The Taint of Midas
Zuckoff, Mitchell. Lost in Shangri-La